Helpful effective Essay Writing Tips

Many students find it difficult to write a quality essay, especially if the topic does not interest them. Even when the student likes the subject of the essay, there may still be difficulties. For example, too busy social life, time constraints or lack of experience in writing an essay can make the process of creating the text difficult.

Even the abundance of information available on the subject can be an obstacle, since it will take more time and effort to process all the data related to the subject of the document. Take a look at some general tips that can make writing an essay easier and, hopefully, even enjoyable.





It does not matter if you write a traditional five paragraph essay or if your writing is narrative style, the introduction should grab the reader's attention. You need to give a general idea without letting the reader know what the conclusion is. The beginning must be intriguing so that a person wants to read more.Read more about essay writing that I recommend to visit


The main part


If you write a formal essay, this is the time to list the facts and examples. In the first paragraphs, you should present the data that supports the main problem. After that, the key statement must be investigated from the opposite side. At the end of the main part of the essay, you should compare the supporting arguments and the opposing arguments to arrive at a reasonable conclusion.


In case you use a narrative style, the rules of the essay structure are less strict. The language may not be as formal and the dialogues can be used for that purpose. History needs to make your essay come alive and visual for your readers. Drama and suspense can help make this essay stand out.




In a formal style essay, a brief and concise summary will be required to delineate the results of the research that was discussed in the essay body. You can emphasize how important the topic of the discussion is, and it is best to avoid expressing your personal point of view. It is also good if you can get the reader to continue reflecting on the subject and make him think about his own solutions.


If your essay is written in a narrative style, the conclusion should capture the emotions of the reader and make him connect with his feelings expressed in the body of his text. In addition, you should give the reader the feeling that the essay is complete. The ending may be unexpected and very surprising, but, most importantly, it should leave the reader satisfied.